In today’s at times uncertain world it seems vital to develop a greater interaction and connection with the natural world and with community, to respond to our location within this and so develop a sense of time and place.

My work is created in the Cotswold Hills where I feel a connection to the landscape, its history and community. The cyclical rhythm of the seasons and the light and the shape of the landscape combine with the sense that people have worked on and travelled across this landscape for centuries.

Spending time in the local woods, fields and lanes, and researching the history of the area, I explore the idea of the liminality and cyclical nature of time, the seasons and the landscape. Using multiple exposure and in camera movement, together with at times more traditional techniques and mixed media approaches, I seek to create a response to my sense of place and to reflect upon our connection with the natural world and our local and wider community.



Ebb and Flow Group Exhibition - 9th April-15th May
at The Old Lock Up Gallery, Cromford, Derbyshire.

Broadway Arts Festival Open Art Competition Exhibition Finalist - 21st-30th October

Wychwood Art Online Gallery - Ongoing from March 2022

Sarah sitting on a step holding a camera